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What happens when a young man discovers the darkness within himself? Would he be able to resist the darkening impulses that gripped him, or would he give himself completely to his evil side and take the dark path? 

In a final and desperate attempt to get him back on track, Jason is punished by spending the summer at school with the smartest, most educated, and most ambitious students in town. 

Were they right and would the environment of such good classmates be sobering for him, or did Principal Louis put a wolf in a sheepfold? Feel the sequel to  "Enslaver - The beginning" and enjoy the unlimited imagination and rage of a psychopath obliged to follow the rules...


The game contains strong fetishes. Please, check the tags before download.


0.1.7 :

 1. After class, the third optional sequence (fighting with plum in the boxing gym) is ready and included. If Jason talked with Plum  in some of last two classes in school (McNeal’s or Anderson’s classes) you have to have (:)) three optional sequences - Gym, Coffee and Secretary’s office in school.

2. Three connecting scenes, which are not small at all…

3. One final lewd scene before the big lewd banging in 0.2.0.

P.S. The update is over 4GB. You have warned. :)

0.1.6 - Second part of day02. Five-six new lewd scenes. Around a thousand new renders.

0.1.3 - First part of the day02. Jason at school. Six new lewd scenes. Many renders. Two fight, violence scenes. One avoidable and one not.

0.1.0 - Full first update. Three full new scenes. Over 250 new renders. Fixed the issue with light text on a light background (android version).

0.0.9 - Main version

A few words by the author

Hello friends.   It's me again! I would like to make an explanation.   I'm not sure you know, but as an adult games creator, I can't monetize my games.  Paypal (itch.io works with them as a payment processor) do not allow payments to developers who create a special kind of sexual content (incest, rape, drugs, domination, blackmail and etc.). If you have played any part of my game, you know for sure that I fall into all of these categories  :)

However, I have decided to start accepting donations from those of you, (here in itch.io)  who want to support me financially. We'll see if PayPal blocks me soon :).

The download button will ask if you want to donate a ridiculous amount (maybe it was two bucks or something like that). If you don't want to,  just click the link that suggests you continue to the download page. Thank you for playing my game :).

 For those of you who want to help me financially on a monthly basis, it remains available on my page in subscribestar.adult.

For this reason, if you like my work and would like to support me financially (because only with a positive comment or opinion do you support me more than you can imagine), please use “SubscribeStar.adult”.  So this is my link:  https://subscribestar.adult/milohaze-fetishfactory ***


##  I would like to warn you again that the game is extremely "controversial",  so if you do not like these fetishes, I strongly advise you to avoid it ##

For the past year, I have managed to learn a lot about making games. I managed to learn the most important thing - that it is an extremely difficult and time-consuming hobby.

With great happiness, I want to present to you the sequel of my first game. I sincerely hope that what you have brought to my attention, I have managed to change. I put a lot of effort into the English translation (thanks, Carac), I tried to improve the renderings. I can say without any doubt that this is the peak of my capabilities at the moment. If you don't like something - I'm sorry. That's all I can do for now. 

Thank you for your patience and support ... and stay healthy...

 I want to thank you in advance to all of you who will lose their time with my novel. Any review and opinion will be welcome. 

 Best Regards,



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Enslaver - Dark path - 0.1.7 -Android

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Nice game keep it up. Also when can we get an update


0.1.7 is in early access. After week it will be publish for free.

hey Milo could you create a walktrough of the game to see if we missed something

actually that’s a very good idea… but I don’t have time as always. I’ll figure it out something…


I like you won't change the game. Stick to you what you have been. Not necessarily a fan of incest, but love your game and like you stand up for yourself and your vision of your game. Gladly pay for downloads.

was hoping to pm but looks like I can’t here.

Loving your second game btw. Unfortunately I couldn’t really get all the way through the first as I got caught in a loop of some of the same scenes.

But your sequel has much better progression, some of the scenes are still the same at parts such as the classroom scenes. It would be good if those were all different each time.

love what your doing with this one and can’t wait to see what you do next.

Have you considered opening a Patreon btw? Might be something worth looking into for monthly payments to support you from your fan base 

Hi, friend! Thank you for the kind words! Really! That means a lot to me! About the scenes in dark path. In the classrooms the scenes is pretty much always different depends of level of corruption of the girls. If you play it in one save youll find it out. I mean - if you visited Roxy two times in two different classes, she will react different. Sometimes she will not, because her reaction is forced by the purpose of story progression... With two words - in the classes and the class breaks, you have the option to see only that girls, that you liked.

About Patreon. I can't use Patreon, because they don't allow non-con adult content. I use SubscribeStar and I don't have such a problems with them.

Again, thanks for the kind words, friend! And stay safe.


Ah I see, considering I kept choosing Roxy each scene that explains it for the story progression.

Is there a link to your subscribestar on here? Not sure If I am just missing it but I'd be happy to support you.

Check the intro page and “few words form the author”. There is a link. In two games.

I love your work. 
This isn't just some throwaway comment. I honestly, genuinely mean it. You are fantastic.

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Thank you, friend! Thank you very much. Feedback and reasoned criticism is always welcome here. :)

First, I would like to tell you how much I love this game and how I wish there were many more like it, and second I would like to ask about the images to the side of this comment section. I played the Early Access version 1.6; however, I could only go so far as bumping into the teacher, and I never actually saw any of the other scenes from the 26th image and down. Are they just there to show what the future content will be like, or am I missing something? Also, I'm playing on Mac since I know sometimes that mac games just aren't updated as much as Windows and Linux games.

(1 edit)

All of the screenshots are form actual gameplay(until now)… maybe you downloaded 0.1.3 by mistake. PM me and I’ll send you the link for 0.1.6(obviously you pay it and downloaded the wrong version)

Hmmm… I just saw that you can’t pm me here. So, please give me your mail which you used to buy the update and I’ll send you the link.

Have to say absolutely love your work you are the only one I have been able to find that goes down these dark paths eagerly the others do it but then make the MC question his motives awesome work can't wait to see where you go with this

plus 1 on the gallery or repeat scenes would be good

Absolutely awesome work keep it up you have a big fan here

p.s. not to take away from your work but if you happen to come across or know of other work similar in content please let me know 

p.p.s. I have to give a big shout out to your opening scene of "No fictitious animations were harmed (badly)" laughed my ass off to that well done

Hell, friend… I just want to tell you that honestly, I know it sounds like a cliché, but really, I make my games for you, the fans… and when I get such feedback I just fill my eyes with tears of joy, lol…

 And that way  I know I am  on the right track :)))

 So… thank you for the kind words.  

Regarding your questions - I have not encountered such games.  If you have suggestions, it would not be bad to share them with me :))) That's why I started doing indie porn games as a hobby. I CANT FUCKIN FIND ANYTHING THAT I LIKE!!!

  And yes.  My games are a satire and a parody of everything that currently floods us in the current indie porn game scene and the hypocrisy of our society as a whole.

Thank you again, friend… and stay tune. 0.1.7 will be short update (only three scenes) and it will be free from the beginning.

Are you planning to add a gallery or other way to repeat scenes?

actually, didn’t think about that. 

Is there a new update? With more scenes of the mom?

Supporters update will be ready around the end of July. Free public version will be published around August 31. And no, in current update there is no scene with mom.


New update date? I love this game. huge boobs so good

Can't wait till more comes out. Oddly really liking the Kate character, don't get one like that in games often.

Thanks for the kind words, friend. I appreciate it.

I just downloaded the early access and oh wow it was worth it! Amazing work and I can't wait for more updates

Oh, my. Thanks for the kind words, friend! I’m happy you like it. I’m trying to do my best.

Hi, On android I get stuck on the very first screen "This is a work of fiction" Nothing continues the game.

The only advice I could give you is to reinstall the app. No one else reported me such an issue. 


or just tap on the screen...

Hey just finished your first game. Really cool! I'll wait a bit to see where this sequel goes... But do you have any tips for someone who want to start making his own vn?

Start with Daz and if you don’t quit after a month, start learning renpy. That’s the magic :))

Hey! Just wanted to confirm,  if the game's still under development.

Hope you are safe and sound.


Hi, friend! Yeah! i still work on this title. Soon I'll be publish 0.1.3 for my supporters in subscribestar, so you'll see the public version after month or two.

Thanks for the intrerset!

Ok cool! Look forward to it :-)

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Hello my friend where are you--

When will you update the game?

Fine, thanks. 

It won’t be very soon. Maybe two months. Or three.

be safe.

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New update? Date Add more sex scene in school?


New update date

0.1.0 is ready and published for my supporters. In itch.io will be published around a week-ten day.  


Can you published it little early for everyone

No. The only thing that my supporters get  is the early access. Sorry.

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Ok but can you tell how much hour of gameplay will be in update

I'm not sure. I Don't count current gameplay in hours. 

Three whole new scenes. Four actually.

Why would you put the text in white on a white background.


That’s a stupid android bug. I have no idea why android studio enlarge that much the story pane. In Mac and windows version that large box is small and transparent (not white). I thinking about resolve that problem now. I’ll set a black overlay around the text in 0.1.0 version (its coming already)

On android the white lettering on the white text box is almost i.possible to read


Yeah that wasn't a very smart idea.

You are the best

as far as I could I helped you;) ... your games are great and I love the way you do it. If I could find a way to translate it into Italian it would be perfect. Thank's for your job!

Hi, friend! Thanks you for the encouragement words! Good word and positive feedback are the things because I make that games...

About Italian translation... check that threat:


hai ragione vecchioooo


Can I play on android?

The Android port is Ready!